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The Collective Perspective Podcast

Jul 3, 2018

In Episode 5 I talk to Joseph Yu and Caroline Penick about the topic of worship. Joseph is a friend of mine from our Louisville, KY days and he’s currently the worship pastor of Gospel Life Church in Sunrise, Florida. Caroline is a college friend, and she’s the wife of a college campus minister and mom of four in Fayetteville, AR. Her husband Cole was on Episode 1 of the podcast.

In this episode we talk about what worship is and what it isn’t. We discuss if there are right and wrong ways to worship. I think you’ll really be refreshed by this conversation. It will get you thinking about your own attitude when you approach God’s throne to worship.

If you want to get more details about what we talked about or see a list of the many songs mentioned in the episode then make sure you head over to the shownotes at Also, to see more on this topic or to get on the discussion make sure you connect with the Facebook and Instagram accounts @collectiveperspectivepodcast.